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Accreditations obtained by our EasyFrench Language School in Montpellier

Accreditations obtained by our EasyFrench Language School in Montpellier

EasyFrench has the two most important international accreditations - this is your guarantee of a successful language immersion stay in France.

Our Easy French School is the only French language school in Montpellier, alongside its parent school ILA, whose achievements have been rewarded with the two leading international language school accreditations: EAQUALS and IALC.

These accreditations have been awarded after rigorous on-site quality checks at our French school in Montpellier by highly qualified, independent auditors. Every 3 years, both EQUALS and IALC carry out new inspections to ensure that the quality continues to exist.

Our French courses in Montpellier have the highest international accreditations of all French schools in Montpellier – this is your guarantee of a successful French language immersion stay in France.

EAQUALS – Excellence in language education

EAQUALS is an association of language educators with over 100 members in more than 20 countries. EAQUALS participates in Council of Europe activities to work on European language education projects. EAQUALS awards its quality seal only to selected language schools and universities that meet the high standards of inspection. To become an accredited member of EAQUALS, a language school has to undergo a detailed on-site exam based on the EAQUALS Code of Practice and the EAQUALS Charter. Our Easy French School in Montpellier has been awarded the prestigious EAQUALS seal in 2014. Top performances in school organization, teaching and learning method, school management, course design and course materials, internal communication and academic resources were confirmed. Language schools that have received the EAQUALS accreditation can be recommended with confidence for a language stay. Our Easy French language school is next to the parent school ILA is the only French school in Montpellier that was able to meet the high requirements of EAQUALS and was thus fully recognized.

IALC – International Association of Language Centres

Since 2014, our Easy French School has been a member of the International Quality Association IALC (International Association of Language Centers). EasyFrench accepts the IALC code of ethics. To become a member of IALC a school will be rigorously checked by specially trained IALC inspectors on site for several days. All aspects of our Easy French language school have been closely inspected and assessed: general management, financial situation, marketing, quality control systems, course building, teaching methodology, academic management, housing, administrative management, complaints procedure, etc.

The Inspector Report was submitted to the IALC Membership Committee, and our Easy French language school was unanimously recognized in 2014 for membership of IALC. As with all IALC members, regular on-site quality controls are in place and our French school in Montpellier also has to submit annual quality reports. Only a few language schools in France have been able to meet the high requirements of IALC and have been accepted as members. Easy French language school in France is, alongside of its parent school ILA, the only language school in Montpellier that has been recognized by IALC.