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Student Life at our Easy French Language School in Montpellier

Student Life at our Easy French Language School in Montpellier

Learn French in France efficiently with our French language courses in Montpellier. And you will enjoy your French language stay in France!

Your first day at school

Upon arriving at school, you will receive a placement test to take online, which will allow us to grade you before your French immersion stay starting. You will therefore not lose a lesson through lengthy on-the-spot evaluation, as opposed to most other French schools in France.

On your first day of school, you will exceptionally arrive at 8:00 am to attend a presentation on our Easy French School in Montpellier. You will receive our welcome pack and a link to our student portal with lots of information about your French language stay in Montpellier. After this presentation you will meet your teacher and then start your French class with us.

After your first session of class, there will be a free orientation tour which will give you a lot of local tips. You will get to know fascinating facts about Montpellier and you could already make friends with other schoolmates.

Language immersion stays in Montpellier to learn French in France is a unique opportunity to immerse fully, and come home with a remarkable experience to share. Our French language school in Montpellier takes care of your well-being from day one, and offers an excellent infrastructure for learning French. You can trust us to enjoy your French language stay in France!

Welfare at EasyFrench

The team at our Easy French School in Montpellier is multilingual and will assist you with any questions you may have about your French immersion stay in Montpellier: medical appointments, filling out forms, opening a bank account, information on Montpellier, transport system or bike rental, and sports in Montpellier as well as the extensive leisure program of our EasyFrench French language school.

Our internal accommodation department; responsible for the selection and control of host families, student residences and aparthotels, will be pleased to answer any questions during your French language stay.

School facilities

Our Easy French School is located in the heart of the beautiful old town of Montpellier and offers free WIFI. All rooms are fully air-conditioned and our classrooms have multimedia. There is a self-study centre, a resource centre, you can borrow books, games etc. Drink vending machines are available.

Lunches / Snacks

Our Easy French School is located in one of the most beautiful pedestrian streets of the historic city centre. Many sunny terraces, cafes, take-away, cheap bistros, etc. are located in the immediate vicinity of our language school. Enjoy a cheap lunch on a sunny terrace with your classmates. Talk to the waiter; learn French in France outside class.

After French classes


Your teacher will give you homework of about 30 minutes each day, which will be worked on for the next day. Through these tasks you deepen the language skills acquired during the French classes.

You can also use the computers and self-study programs available in the Resource Centre for your own study.

Tutoring during your French immersion

Our educational consultant Melanie is at your disposal for all assistance needed with your French classes. Do you have problems with a particular learning area, or do you want to define new learning goals? Melanie will explain new learning strategies or show specific resources for your learning needs.

Social and cultural activities at EasyFrench

Our Easy French language school regularly organizes events on our premises to help our students get to know each other better in a friendly atmosphere during language stays in France. There are welcome parties, quizzes, movie nights, various competitions, tastings of cheese, wine and local products and much more.

Our leisure program also offers a wide range of activities outside our French school, such as half-day and full-day excursions with visits to numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, restaurant evenings, language exchange evenings, sports, city tours, etc.

There is always something going on at Easy French language school. Our free time activities allow you to meet new friends and have fun studying in Montpellier.