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WeGolingo: Language Exchange Evenings in Montpellier

WeGolingo: Language Exchange Evenings in Montpellier

Come and improve your French in France in Montpellier - in a pleasant atmosphere where everything is perfectly organized; make appropriate use of your evenings to share your experiences with other people and talk about what you have learnt to improve your French.

This is your chance to come to France to study French language and culture, all of this whilst also improving your French language skills. The evenings organized by WeGolingo are greatly appreciated by our French language students because they give you the chance to talk with other people.

Associations like WeGolingo organize conversational evenings so that you put into practice your language skills based on the “speed dating concept”. For 16 minutes you will sit opposite another person so that both of you can improve the language that you wish to master. Amusing and fun, there are two main phases in the activity: 8 minutes are in one language and once the WeGolingo gong rings, you can continue talking but in the other language. Once you have finished, you change partners and start all over. You will get to progress in French while meeting new people.

With language exchange evenings organized by our EasyFrench language school, you will get to make friends with people from the region of Montpellier who learn your language, and above all you will learn French in return!

You will make many friends with WeGolingo and you will improve your French in a very natural way by meeting new people. You can just talk about the weather or you can talk about your life if you choose to do so. If you don’t have any ideas of how to start up a conversation, WeGolingo will give you a helping hand. Your language stay with our EasyFrench language school in Montpellier is also an effective way to learn about French culture.

WeGolingo thus gives you the chance to live out a unique experience in the South of France during your language immersion in French. Language exchange evenings are organized and made available to students with all various levels in French, from beginners to advanced learners. Your partner will help you if you don’t know a word of French and you can learn French in a nice relaxed way. The price of this language exchange evening includes a drink, and by the same occasion, a part of the profit will go to the “World Food Programme” to help children all over the world.

Conversation evenings organized by WeGolingo are a real chance for you to improve your French level and meet new people by speaking in French whilst having fun during your language stay in France.

Accommodation in Montpellier with EasyFrench

EasyFrench offers you high quality accommodations for French language immersion programs in Montpellier, South of France! Please choose your accommodation!