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French Level Test by EasyFrench Language School

French Level Test by EasyFrench Language School

EasyFrench offers you a free online test. Determine your current French level. Book your French language stay at our French school in Montpellier.

The Academic Team of our EasyFrench School in Montpellier has developed this free French online test so that you can assess your current French knowledge and assign it to a French level.

This 8-minute test includes 32 questions of increasing difficulty.

This online French test is not the placement test for your French course at our language school in France. Its sole purpose is to help you understand what your current French level is, so you can better choose your course and the duration of your French language course.

After enrolling for the French course at EasyFrench, you will receive a link and an access code to complete our Online French Level Assessment Test according to the European Framework of Reference for Language Education. This test will then be used for the group classification for the French course at EasyFrench.

Please do not use any aids such as dictionaries for this online test.

Good luck with the EasyFrench Online Test!

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