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Learning French in France at our EasyFrench Language School in Montpellier

Learning French in France at our EasyFrench Language School in Montpellier

Study French at low cost with French language immersion stays at our language school in Montpellier. Great French Courses in France!

Anyone can learn French and have fun when taking a French language immersion program in France. However, it is crucial to choose the right French language school in France for your language stay. We, at Easy French are experts in teaching non-French students and have a lot of experience in this field. Our teaching method is motivating, fun and brings rapid learning progress. The success of language immersion stays in France is based on the following 8 important factors:

The right French course level

Our Easy French School in Montpellier guarantees the right level of French for every student. The more French levels are offered, the more your French course will be efficient, as the classes are simply more homogeneous. For this reason we guarantee at least 6 different levels for our French language courses, all year round, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language Training).

But we also teach at most 8-10 levels at the same time. If you find the French level of your course too easy or too difficult, we will change your level during your stay in Montpellier to offer you the appropriate French level class.

French courses in mini groups

The French courses of our language immersion programs in Montpellier take place in small groups of 14 students. This guarantees an active participation of every single student. So you can learn French in France quicker. Your teacher creates a pleasant atmosphere so that a lively language exchange between the participants is achieved. Thus, an attentive individual care of each student is possible.

Effective, lively French lessons

The proven learning method of our Easy French School in Montpellier focuses on promoting the communication skills of each individual student in order to improve their linguistic and cultural knowledge.

Great emphasis is placed on oral expression without neglecting the written aspects. Easy French uses a direct, interactive teaching method for our French courses in France. We put our students at the centre of the course and our teachers moderate its aspects. Our French courses in Montpellier are very lively and are lot of fun!

Activities and various educational resources

During your Easy French courses in Montpellier, we will rely on role-playing games and on authentically written or audio visual documents. Easy French ensures dynamic and varied French courses that motivate the participants. Our classrooms are well-equipped with multimedia supports, so your French learning is supported with up-to-date documents, videos and Internet.

Dedicated and competent teachers

All of our Easy French teachers, who all have special training in teaching non-French students, are all native speakers of French and have many years of teaching experience. It is very important to them that participants in our French courses really reach their learning goals. The stimulating, interactive teaching method combined with dynamic teachers will guarantee you a fast learning progress during your French immersion in Montpellier. The atmosphere in the French lessons is serious, but very relaxed, and our classes are a lot of fun!

An education consultant supports you individually

The educational counsellor of our Easy French School in Montpellier is at your disposal to give tips on learning French outside your French course. She can analyse your language needs and language problems, and then propose adapted self-study you can do during your free time. She can also suggest resources for specific topics that you would like to improve at home. This will allow you to reach your learning objectives even faster. For long-term students, we recommend regular meetings with our educational advisor whenever you move up to the next level.

Resource Center and self-study

The speed of your learning progress at our Easy French School in Montpellier also depends on self-study alongside your French course in France. During your language immersion program in Montpellier, we recommend you work outside the class to deepen what you have learned during the French course, so that you can optimize your French learning.

Approximately 30 minutes of homework is given daily. These tasks deepen the knowledge acquired in the French course in Montpellier.

Easy French also has a resource centre where you can do exercises to learning independently. Forty computers, notebooks and touch pads are at your disposal.

While studying in Montpellier, you can also borrow novels, magazines and textbooks. Free Wifi is available in all our facilities. You can bring your notebook, touch pad or Smartphone to Montpellier. And will be able to stay connected, free of charge at school.

Regular rating – school certificate

At Easy French, assessing your learning progress is an integral part of learning French. Your French teacher regularly assesses your learning progress during your French language stay in Montpellier with the self-assessment grid of the CEFR.

In addition, at the end of each week, your teacher will inform you on your learning progress. So you get to know your strengths and weaknesses and can compensate for the weaknesses through extra exercises.

At the end of a course level, you will be graded by your teacher and / or the self-assessment form of the CEFR to validate the upgrade to the next French level.

A certificate indicating the French level you reached, and attendance will be available at the end of your French language immersion program in Montpellier.