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A Taster Workshop for French Cheese

A Taster Workshop for French Cheese

Thanks to your language stay in France you will become a specialist of French gastronomy! Our French school in Montpellier will introduce you to the secrets of French cheeses.

What could be more typically French than a cheese platter with a glass of wine! For this tasting workshop, our EasyFrench language school invites you on a tour of all French specialities that are the hallmark of the country; a country with no less than 400 types of cheeses! You can learn French and enjoy tasting cheese while having fun making friends.

Each region in France has a speciality that it is particularly proud of. At our tasting workshop, you will have the opportunity to compare several types of French cheese. Some are from local production, in the South of the France, such as the ‘Pélardon’ or the ‘Roquefort’ blue cheese. Others are from further away such as ‘brie’ or ‘camembert’. Made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk or sheep milk, you will get to see how to cut them and you will learn what food or wine they are supposed to go with… you will soon realize that in France we don’t mess about with cheese! It is part of our national heritage.

Make your immersion stay in France a privileged time for discovering French culture, lifestyle and culinary specialities. Spend an unforgettable stay and enjoy yourself!

You will get to discover a new country through its kitchen, and you will quickly realize that cheese is very important in France. Not only is a cheese platter served in all our meals, many of our recipes actually use French cheese as part of the ingredients (raclette, fondue, aligot, gratins and many more…) We are the largest consumers of cheese in Europe!

For about an hour and a half, one of the Teachers from our French language school will explain (in French of course) everything there is to know about cheese. Along with other international students from the EasyFrench language school, you will learn everything there is to know about the different cheeses the French are so fond of, and you will get to practice your French in a friendly and relaxed setting.

It would be a shame to miss a cultural activity like this one! You will have a good time learning French throughout the entire duration of your language immersion stay in France!

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