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Self-learning Workshop in French

Self-learning Workshop in French

During your immersion stay in the South of the France, make sure you take part in the self-study workshop to explore new ways of practising and improving your French.

Just as when you learn any foreign language, studying French requires a lot of diligence, practice and consistency. This workshop will be a great complement to what you learn during the course at our language school. It will allow you to focus on the topics that interest you, based on your own personal strengths and weaknesses. You will learn techniques that you will be able to use even once back home.

You get to use a classroom equipped with computers so that you can explore the different learning aids and sites dedicated to the French language with the help of your Teacher. Thanks to help from your French, you will be able to target your needs and progress in French in no time.

This free activity organized by our French language school in Montpellier, in the South of the France, is an excellent compromise between self-learning and being supervised by a Teacher. You get the right balance between school courses and practicing on a daily basis throughout your entire stay.

For more than an hour you can ask all the questions that interest you and share your doubts with other international students who will be there with you. This workshop will allow you to assess your progress, manage your concentration, your efforts and take on good learning habits. By multiplying – modern and interactive – media and methodology, you are sure to learn French more effectively and make your language immersion a truly unique and worthwhile experience.

This workshop is open to all students at our EasyFrench language school, regardless of their level. What you learn can be immediately put into practice during your language study stay. There is no better way to assimilate information than being able to use it in everyday life. Montpellier has no end of things to do and see; giving you the opportunity to put what you learn into practice straight away. This is the advantage of studying French in France!

Through playful and casual workshops for self-learning in French, you will get to meet up with the other students from the school. Above all, you will tackle learning French with confidence and you will progress quickly and easily!

Accommodation in Montpellier with EasyFrench

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