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Boat Party - Evening Party Out at Sea

Boat Party – Evening Party Out at Sea

Enjoy your Summer evenings with our French language school in Montpellier. Dancing and letting your hair down are on the programme out on the Mediterranean Sea!

You just can’t come and study French at Montpellier without making the most of its beaches and the Mediterranean Sea. Getting on board a catamaran for a party with friends is undeniably an original way to spend a hot Summer’s night. You will get to visit the south of France and admire the coastline with a unique view from offshore!

Every year, our Easy French language school offers its students the chance to take part in our famous Boat party / evening party out at sea, and it is without doubt one of our most popular cultural activities. The boat pulls up its anchor at Palavas-les-Flots, an old fishing village located only 15 minutes from the town where all Montpellier locals come to appreciate the first sunny days in the year.

Come and have fun at our Boat party, you will get to admire the coast, have a drink, eat and make friends. Get to know the French culture and improve your French whilst relaxing on our boat excursion out on the Mediterranean Sea.

The theme to the evening party changes every year (fancy dress, colour code, pirate or tropical evening…) much to the delight of everyone. Let your imagination run wild and practise French at the same time; the evening party will be immortalised by unique photo souvenirs.

Meet us in front of our French school in Montpellier, where our team will be waiting to take you on a bus especially reserved for the occasion. The long Summer days will mean that you can get to stroll down the little roads or along the beach before getting on board for an unforgettable evening!

Once out at sea, the party will begin! Meals will be served properly with a typical ‘apéritif’, and music will set the pace for your sail out on the Mediterranean Sea all night long.

Learning French in France should and must be fun, so your language immersion will give you the chance to discover our beautiful region and all its cultural, gastronomical and festive specialities!

Enjoy your language stay in the South of France by raising the anchor and spending an evening under the stars on the Mediterranean Sea!

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