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Cinema Club: French Film Projections

Cinema Club: French Film Projections

Cinema is a great tool for learning French in France. Thanks to the cine club at our French school in Montpellier, you will become an expert on French cinema.

French cinema is one of the most dynamic in Europe, famous all over the world; it is an integral part of the French culture. You will get the chance during your language stay in France to discover some of the best French films, from the most classic to the most recent, from the best known to ones that less known.

Countless French films have had an incredible international success and received the most prestigious awards from different festivals. The French are very proud of their 7th art and are diligent spectators, with knowledge and sophisticated expectations. By familiaring yourself with this form of expression, you will get to better understand the French culture and language. You will discover the filmmakers such as Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Matthieu Kassovitz, Hill Serreau, Claude Lelouch, Cédric Klapisch or Michel Gondry as well as talented cast as Gérard Depardieu, Mathieu Amalric, Jean Dujardin, Marion Cotillard, Audrey Tautou, Vincent Cassel, Juliette Binoche or Leah Seydoux…

Come and learn French in France during one of our private cinema showings within our EasyFrench language school. You will get to share with your friends the pleasure of light comedy or thrilling adventure, and you will get to eat a bit of popcorn while soaking up new French expressions and ways of speaking French without any effort at all.

The Pleasure linked to the film itself, whether it is a comedy, an action film or other, makes learning new impressions and comments fun and a pleasure, you get to learn alongside other students who will participate in this cultural activity. This creates common references and unforgettable memories. Come and take part in our cinema club showing on a big screen in the premises of our French school in Montpellier; enjoy a few hours of escapism, your head up with the stars.

Thanks to your language travel to France, you will become a specialist of French culture. You will get to enjoy yourself while improving your French at the same time. Succumb to the charm of the Hexagonal cinema; it is something that will remain with you even once back in your country and you will be able to initiate your parents and your friends to it too. French cinema is full of surprises and you will not forget your French language immersion in the South of France!

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