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Day out to Sète

Day out to Sète

Get to see Sète, a town that is also referred to as the Southern French Venice. Take part in a sightseeing excursion offered by our Easy French language school!

The town of Sète is just as famous for its many canals and ‘joutes’ (jousting contest on boats) that take part every year for the ‘Saint Louis’ festival as it is for the artists that have grown up with this tradition. When you get to see this small town in the South of France, located about 30 km from our French language school in Montpellier, you will be totally immersed in French culture.

During your sightseeing visit to Sète, you will be able to enjoy a long walk along the different docks and canals that have enabled the town to develop. You will get to admire both the Fisherman at work, their boats and their equipment. The life of the town, its trade and gastronomy all depend on this work. You will also get to see the marina and its little wooden boats that are used for the local sport ‘la rame sétoise’ (the joisting competition on water)

The South of France is a magical place for learning French, you will get to know French culture inside out, whilst also having the chance to enjoy exceptional weather on the Mediterranean coast!

Thanks to your language stay, you will get the chance to see all the particularities of the different towns and regions in the South of France. You will learn everything there is to know about Sète and the impressive Mont Saint Clair that towers over the town. The town really has a very dynamic cultural life. The sea museum explains the strong ties that have been built up between the town and the sea that over the centuries. There is also the ‘Théâtre de la Mer’ which regularly organizes concerts in an exceptional setting. You can visit several museums or festivals such as the ‘Musée d’art Paul Valéry’ (Art museum), ‘Musée des arts Modestes’ (Art museum) and even have a look at the sea cemetery where George Brassens was laid to rest. Another popular attraction is the photographic festival called “images singulières” … all part and parcel of Mediterranean seaside life.

Make the most of this visit organized by our French language school, to try all the local specialities. Your immersion stay in the South of France would not be complete without taking the time to taste for example the ‘tielles’ (spicy octopus, seafood pies) … or oysters from Bouzigues! You might even get to see the town on the television one day once back home, because Sète is becoming an ideal spot for filming French films and series.

Our EasyFrench language school will enable you to practise your French, make friends and get to see all the many outstanding sightseeing attractions in the area. You will become a real pro when it comes to French culture and you will be able to impress all your friends with what you know once back home!

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