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Excursion to Avignon

Excursion to Avignon

Our Easy French language school offers a wide range of cultural activities. Among them, the visit to Avignon is a must! Come and learn French whilst also getting to see the South of France.

All French people, whatever their age, have sung at some time in their lives the song “sur le pont d’Avignon, on y danse, on y danse”. During your language stay in France, you will have the chance to learn the history and legends behind this song and the monument. You will also of course get to learn about other remarkable sites: during your guided visit in French, you will visit the “Roch des Doms” and you will be able to admire the spectacular architecture of “le Palais des Papes” (the Palace of the Popes). If you like, you can simply wander through the many small narrow streets of the city centre.

Despite the relatively modest size of the city, Avignon is a very well-known French town. Its history and monuments make it a very popular tourist destination. Your language immersion will give you the chance to visit it with a Teacher and other students from our French language school. “Le Palais des Papes”, a sort of fortress-palace and the largest gothic building from the middle ages, built in the XIIth Century when Avignon was the world capital of Christianity (from 1309 to 1423); there were six popes who succeeded one another during this period.

Immerse yourself fully in French culture by improving not only your knowledge of the language, but also your knowledge of the region and its history. Make the most of your stay in the South of France by taking part in many sightseeing visits organized by our EasyFrench language school!

The town is also renowned the world over for the theatre festival which is held every year in the month of July. The festival was founded in 1947 by Jean Vilar, great literary French man, and it is currently the biggest festival of its kind in Europe. The representations take place in more than 30 various places around the town, from the most prestigious such as the court of honour in the “Palais des Papes” to the more modest like for example tiny little theatre rooms. During the month of the festival, the atmosphere is really exciting, and all of the town is covered with posters to advertise the shows and plays presented. If you get the chance to be there at this time don’t hesitate to enjoy the festival, it’s an excellent way to practise your French.

Come and study French in Montpellier and discover cultural and sightseeing visits to places in our beautiful region in the South of France. Thanks to your language immersion, you will not only get to practise your French, but also meet new people and have a good relaxing time. You won’t forget your language stay in the South of France!

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