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Excursion to the Castle of Flaugergues

Excursion to the Castle of Flaugergues

Discover the history and architecture of the South of the France while practising your French when you visit the castle of Flaugergues, an outing organised by our EasyFrench language school!

During your language immersion stay, visit this beautiful building that used to be a Summer residence for aristocracy in the 17th Century. Flaugergues Castle is an outstanding example of refined architecture, surrounded by various kinds of gardens, and more than 25 hectares of vineyard that is still cultivated to this day. The castle has produced wine for many years, which means you will get the chance to taste wine from the South of France as well admire the beauty of the site on the outskirts of Montpellier.

The Summer residence used by the 17th century nobility is named after the “Folies” in the Montpellier region, you will soon understand why when you admire the various elements of the site: outside many pools, sculptures in the of 5 hectare Park made up of a French garden, an English garden, a bamboo plantation, an alley of olive trees… As for the interior, you will find impressive tapestries, Louis XIV and Louis XV furniture as well as a monumental staircase that is the pride of the House. Passed down from generation to generation, the Castle still belongs to the family of origin, who also still live on-site, and who reserve an excellent welcome for you!

Visiting the “Château de Flaugergues” is one of the most rewarding and picturesque excursions among those organized by our French language school. Practice your French in an exceptional setting and make your language stay in France an unforgettable experience!

A teacher from our EasyFrench language school will take you from the historic centre of Montpellier to the site, about a 20-minute tram ride away. Once there, a guide will welcome you for a complete guided tour in French. After visiting the castle, itself, you will be able to see all the beautiful gardens which were awarded the “JARDIN REMARQUABLE” label in 2003.

A cultural visit worthy of the name cannot be complete without a visit to the castle’s wine cellar, so you can taste the house wine and other typical products from the South of the France. You will learn the intricacies of the different vintages and varieties, and you will also get to practice your French while making friends with students from your French language school. What more could you ask for in a French language immersion program learning about French culture?

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