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Excursion to “Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert” and the “Grotte Clamouse” (underground cave)

Excursion to “Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert” and the “Grotte Clamouse” (underground cave)

Come along with us on an excursion organized by our French language school; discover one of the most beautiful villages in France and one of the most historical sites of this part of the South of France!

Your language stay will mean that you will not only get to practice your French, but you will also have the chance to take part in many cultural and sightseeing activities. Your language immersion stay in France will be a rich and diverse experience giving you the opportunity to really perfect your language skills.

The student city of Montpellier is located on the “Camino” and the pilgrims have always contributed to its development. Along with other international students from our EasyFrench language school, you will get to see one of the most interesting stages in the journey and the best-preserved part of the path: the beautiful medieval village of “Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert”. Perched on a rocky headland at an altitude of 800 meters in the Valley of Hérault, in a landscape of gorges and garrigues; the village was built up around its Abbey. It is listed as a “Unesco” world heritage site and has been labelled one of the greatest Sites in France.

Fall under the spell of one of the villages the French people favour the most, with its narrow lanes and shaded squares. This day trip to “St Guilhem le Desert” and to the “Grotte Clamouse” (underground cave) will leave you with wonderful memories of your French language study stay in the South of France.

You will be able to enjoy small winding alleys, the main square and its old tree, which is over 150 years old. The French Teacher from our French language school will go with you on the visit and he/she will be able to give you all the important information and details about the most remarkable parts of the site; this will be yet another chance for you to improve your French. In the village itself you will have time to wander around, take pictures or buy things. You will also find many opportunities to enjoy the culture, crafts and French gastronomy.

The next part of the program will take you to admire a natural wonder this time. The “Grotte de Clamouse” is one of the largest underground cave in the region; erosion has sculpted spectacular settings with rare stalactites, stalagmites and concretions! The visit will last just over an hour. It will begin with a short explanatory film and end with a sound and light show in the most famous of the room of the cave called “the Cathedral of time”. Make sure you wear warm clothes because the temperature is always cooler underground.

During your French language study stay in the South of the France you will have the chance to practice your French, to get to see exceptional sites and make unforgettable memories.

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