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Hallowe’en Party

Hallowe’en Party

For Hallowe’en, our EasyFrench language school offers you an unforgettable party. Your language study stay in Montpellier will turn out to be terrifying for a night.

Although traditionally Anglo-Saxon, the Hallowe’en party has been part of French culture for several years now. It is well established in France and Montpellier and even more so when it comes to actually celebrating it. Ghosts, zombies, vampires and other monstrous creatures fill the streets of this young cosmopolitan student city in the South of the France by excellence, where many bars and clubs give you the chance to dance with friends, have a drink. Be sure to dress up as soon as you get the chance! You will never have had so much fun learning French.

Our French language school in France gets right into the Halloween mood! Decorations and accessories adorn the classrooms where you have used to studying French. The same is true for places where the party is held. On October 31st, you will be delighted to find yourself surrounded by spiderwebs, skeletons and pumpkins.

Our French school neglects no opportunity to celebrate and enhance your language stay with relaxation and fun, Halloween is no exception to the rule. Learn French in France while spending a fun night out surrounded by friends from around the world!

We rely on you to play the game and come disguised to the evening party that our EasyFrench school organises in a musical bar, about 10 minutes from the centre of Montpellier. Meet us in front of the French language school and we’ll take the tram all together and start out on a fantastic night from hell!

The best costume contest will remain an unforgettable moment of your language study stay, and you will get to take photos away with you as a souvenir. Use your imagination and creativity, impress other international students and try to win the award for the best costume; you are guaranteed thrills and a great laugh!

You may not be expecting to celebrate Hallowe’en when you come to French in the South of the France, but you will soon find out that your course is full of surprises that you are not ready to forget; everything in Montpellier becomes an excuse to go off partying. The more the merrier, we will be here waiting for you!!!

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