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Muscat Tasting Workshop "Sweet French Wine and Food that goes well with it"

Muscat Tasting Workshop “Sweet French Wine and Food that goes well with it”

Typical of the South of the France, sweet wines and Muscat in particular, are a delight that our EasyFrench language school in Montpellier invite you to try!

During your language study stay in France, you will of course get to study French, but you will also learn the intricacies of French cuisine. Sweet wines are a festive tradition usually served as an “aperitif” or “digestif”, along with some cheese or desserts. Thanks to the workshop organized by our French language school, you will soon become an expert in the subject. For a successful immersion stay in France, you simply cannot miss out on exploring the art of French “cuisine”.

The South of the France is one of the regions that produces the most wine. Long frowned upon by professionals, it has moved on a lot in recent years. Warm temperatures as well as a great deal of sunny weather in the region favours good production of the French sweet wine that is so appreciated by the locals who drink it with savoury food (foie gras, goat’s chees…) and even with sweet dishes (marrons glacés, macrons…).

In a relaxed setting and in the company of other students from our French school, you will have a warm and informative time which you will remember as one of the best parts of your language study stay in France. When you take part in our workshop for tasting French sweet wine, you will be able to learn French whilst having fun at the same time!

In the company of one of our Teachers from the EasyFrench language school, you will get the chance to taste and compare 3 kinds of French sweet white wines: primarily different varieties of Muscat, the most emblematic wine of our region in the South of the France; a soft, red Banyuls. You will learn about the different techniques used for production, preservation and of course for tasting, all of which are sure to make your senses come alive.

To appreciate all the aromas, distinct types of food will be served with each of these French sweet wines. You will be able to get familiar with all the extensive vocabulary used in oenology and gastronomy, elements that are at the very heart of French culture, a culture that shines out all over the world. This taster workshop is only one of many cultural activities that our French language school has organized in this area. Throughout your French language stay in France you can also register for workshops for tasting wine, cheese or pastries! Thanks to our EasyFrench language school in Montpellier, French cuisine will soon have nothing more to hide from you. You can even choose to have cooking lessons with a gourmet chef, EasyFrench will take care of everything!

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