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Petanque: Discover "playing balls" in Montpellier

Petanque: Discover “playing balls” in Montpellier

Make the most of your language stay in Montpellier for initiating yourself to the national sport in the South of France. Become an ace at petanque thanks to our French school in France!

What could be more typically French than playing petanque with friends in the sun in Montpellier. The cicadas will be with you as you get to know this traditional game which consists of hitting a small ball in wood (the cochonnet) with larger metal balls, while trying to keep away from those of its opponents, without going out of the limits on the pitch. During your immersion in the South of France, you will of course learn French, there’s no doubt about that, but you will also learn to draw and point, these are the 2 basic strokes of petanque.

Surrounded by the other students from our French language school in France, you will spend an afternoon in the open air, in one of the many parks in the city centre of Montpellier. Just like in one of Marcel Pagnol’s films where this game is omnipresent, do not hesitate to concert with your team mates so as to put off the opposing team. This will allow you to enrich your French vocabulary with many specific terms in a relaxed setting, outside of French classes.

In the South of the France, petanque is synonymous with sunny days and having a good time. Our EasyFrench language school offers a cultural activity that is friendly and fun, not to be missed!

This excursion is without a doubt one of the most picturesque that you can take part in, with our language school. Petanque dates back to the Middle Ages and it was considered as very old fashioned for a long time. But in recent years, it has come back in force! It is an integral part of the French culture and the sport has the 10th highest number of members. It is currently being exported all over the world, from Sweden to Spain, passing through Japan and even Thailand.

No need to be a confirmed sportsman to have a good time playing petanque, and you don’t even have to play to win because petanque is first and foremost a fun activity which will give you yet another chance to practise your French. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and your hat, because the game may go on for quite some time. It is not rare that it even extends up to the time of the aperitif, which typically consists of a few ‘pastis’ (an aniseed based drink), which is especially popular in the South of France!

Studying French in France has never been such fun, and you will remember your language stay in Montpellier with us for a very long time afterwards.

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