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Telephone Communication Workshop

Telephone Communication Workshop

Thanks to our EasyFrench language school, you will soon get to master the art of dealing with telephone calls in French.

When you speak a foreign language, it is always a very stressful experience when you have to talk on the phone. If you take part in the telephone communication workshop organized by our French language school in France, you will overcome your fear of speaking French on the phone and you will also get to immerse yourself totally in the French way of life and French culture. We will help you learn all the relevant French vocabulary and expressions that you will be able to use throughout your whole life.

Some skills acquired prove to more useful that others in French everyday life. Thanks to our workshop focused on telephone communication, you will be able to work on what you have already learnt, and you will get the chance to put all of this into practice.

You will spend one hour with a French Teacher at our EasyFrench language school in Montpellier, who will put you into a real life like situations so that you can think up varied dialogues as part of role plays. For example, you will practise reserving a hotel or a restaurant, making an appointment with the doctor or administration, why not even practise for getting a job interview.

This workshop on telephone communication in French will allow you to gain in confidence and fluency regardless of the context in which you would have to speak French on the phone. Today phones are everywhere in our social, professional and even our sentimental life… Easy French will help you by giving you the keys to speak effectively in French on the phone.

Do you get worried every time you have to make a phone call in French? During your French language study stay in Montpellier, you will often need to communicate by telephone. As in all languages, speaking French on the phone means that you have to use very specific phrases. Come and learn French in the South of the France and have fun with friends discovering these idiomatic phrases. Did you know for example that in France phone numbers are always read 2 numbers at a time? So, you had better brush up on your numbers to avoid making mistakes!

Join our workshop for telephone communication, meet other international students from our French school in Montpellier and you will never be stressed at the idea of having to pick up your phone in France again. You will become a master of telephone communication in French without any stress!

Accommodation in Montpellier with EasyFrench

EasyFrench offers you high quality accommodations for French language immersion programs in Montpellier, South of France! Please choose your accommodation!