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A Visit to the Zoo in Montpellier

A Visit to the Zoo in Montpellier

Have a good time with other international students learning French in France at our EasyFrench school by coming along to visit the Zoo in Montpellier.

The Lunaret park once owned by an important, famous family of the city, officially opened its doors as a zoo in 1964. It was soon made bigger so that new animals could come to keep the zebra company (first resident at the zoo). These cultural visits will give you the chance to get to know your French teachers and your classmates better. You will also get to know the city of Montpellier and its sites, and of course you will practise your French outside the classroom in real life situations.

Accompanied by a team member of our French school in Montpellier, you will go on a 20-minute tram ride to get to your destination. Once there you will have the opportunity, for about 2 hours, to learn French by getting to know the vocabulary related to the world of animals: feeding, caring, wildlife, etc…

During your immersion in French, come along with us on this cultural visit to watch all the many animals in a park covering a surface area of 60 hectares: Giraffes, rhinos, elephants, crocodiles and many other species are represented … 130 in all!

What could be nicer than practising French on a visit outdoors enjoying the multitude of animals at the zoo in Montpellier! Our EasyFrench language school organises plenty of cultural things to see and do on top of your language course in the South of France!

In addition to visiting the zoo in Montpellier, you can visit the Amazonian greenhouse gardens. Opened in 2007, this is one of its kind in France! Covering an area of more than 26,000m² and almost 15m high, it contains more than 3,500 plant and animal species from the tropical jungle. A fragile ecosystem that is under threat has been recreated here. Come and study French and walk down the different paths that make up this protected area. You will feel as though you are being propelled deep into the rainforest without even leaving the South of France.

In the park, there are signs shaped like animals from different continents that are there to guide you along the different paths so that you can organize your visit to the zoo to suit your preferences according to regions or by themes. Vets, trainers, facilitators … many people work on site to ensure the welfare of the animals. Feel free to practice your French by asking them questions!

During your French language course in France, come along and take part in our cultural activities so that you can learn French whilst also getting to discover exceptional sites.

Accommodation in Montpellier with EasyFrench

EasyFrench offers you high quality accommodations for French language immersion programs in Montpellier, South of France! Please choose your accommodation!