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"Wine Tour" Excursion: Visit the Vineyard Areas of the Region of Montpellier

“Wine Tour” Excursion: Visit the Vineyard Areas of the Region of Montpellier

Try the best wines in the South of France by taking part in this guided visit of the estates and wine tasting organized by our EasyFrench language school.

The region of Montpellier, in the South of France, has always produced a lot of wine. For several years now, it has managed to produce wine of excellent quality. Whether it be the “Grès de Montpellier”, “Montpeyroux”, “St Chinian” or others, there are many types of grape and local wine estates worth knowing in the area. The sightseeing excursion organized by our French language school will concentrate on two wine estates located to the North of Montpellier, Producers from “the Pic Saint Loup”, one of the most appreciated wines in the region. Come and see for yourself; savour the finest vintage wines!

A French Teacher from the school will take you go off to the “Domaine de la Salade” first, a family wine estate covering 45 hectares, which has been run since 1803. Facing South, on the sides of the “Pic Saint Loup, a mountain that can be seen from the town centre of Montpellier or even the Mediterranean Sea, which is why it is so emblematic of the region. In accordance with AOC standards, the grape types cultivated on the estate (Grenache, Syrah, Mourèdre and Cinsault) are blended together to make up red or rosé wine. The owners will take you on a tour of their vines and cellar. You will get to share their passion and learn all the secrets of wine production in the South of France.

Thanks to the “Wine Tour” excursion organized by our French school in Montpellier, you will become an expert in wines from the South of the France. Alongside other international students, you will learn how to taste local wines and of course how to speak French. All those who appreciate good wine and food are welcome to take part in this cultural and gastronomical visit!

Afterwards, you head off to the “Haut Lirou estate”, in the village next-door. This estate is also home to wine producers from father to son for 5 the last generations, their land has the particularity of including small patches that are often located on very steep slopes, which means that harvesting sometimes has to be done by hand. You can of course also taste their wines and enjoy the nuances that exist from one vine to another or from one producer to another. Moreover, you will have time to buy presents or to learn more about French wine throughout your entire language stay in the South of France.

Come and take part in this cultural activity and admire the beautiful landscapes dotted with vineyards in the South of the France. Immerse yourself in the French culture so that you can improve your language skills, practice the French language as well as learn more about wine right in the heart of France!

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