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Why Learn French in Montpellier? Beautiful Crisp Autumn and Winter

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Why Learn French in Montpellier? Beautiful Crisp Autumn and Winter

If you are contemplating embarking on the amazing journey of taking a French immersion course in France you have taken the first step to a treasure trove of new experiences that will all be enriching. Learning French in France is the best way to learn the language and the decision you have or might make is a great one. You may be now trying to decide where in France to do your language stay and I will be discussing what the Easy French Immersion School in Montpellier has to offer. The south of France is renowned for its idyllic summer time weather but if the warmer months don’t suit your timetable or you don’t like hot weather you should still consider Montpellier as your destination. The colder months have their own qualities to offer.

Anytime of the Year it’s a Beautiful Place for a French Language Stay

Although you will not get the same balmy temperatures between October and March what you will still get a lot of is sun. For me this is ideal. As an English guy not having heat all the time is no problem at all but the constant grey skies of my home country do leave a lot to be desired. Not a problem in Montpellier as even in the cloudiest month of October it’s most likely to be partly cloudy so there is still blue sky on show and after that it’s a gentle progression towards ever clearer skies. Relative to the rest of France Montpellier enjoys twice as much sunshine in winter! So during your French immersion program in Montpellier you can still see this beautiful region in all its glory with a back drop of blue lathered in bright sun but you will just need to pop an extra jumper on.

The rainiest month again falls to October too but it’s not exactly monsoon season. The chances of a day being rainy are roughly 1 in 4 so not even twice a week. This drops fairly quickly as you move towards the holiday period and into the new year where it doesn’t shift to much one way or the other until you get to the hot months.

So the winters are fairly tame in terms of rain and cloud, it’s the Autumn that experiences the highest amount and for those of you who come then you get an awesome trade off that in my opinion would override a Siberian climate; the autumn colours. Montpellier is surrounded by gorgeous countryside and the city itself has loads of parks and when the leaves change it is absolutely beautiful. The architecture of the city generally has a pastel colour scheme and this combined with the ambers, browns, and pale colours of the trees and bushes blend together to make a luscious natural palate. It’s gorgeous!

One particular place of note is ‘Parc Peyrou’ which is situated right next to the Easy French School Residence. The park happens to be on a high point of the region and has a completely unobstructed view off to the horizon. Almost every sunset is stunning; if it’s clear you get to see a postcard style sunset and if it’s a bit cloudy the array of different colours is spectacular.

Average weather in Montpellier

Activities During Your French Immersion Stay

The cultural events never stop in Montpellier and the festive spirit is abundant and there for you to tap into during your intensive French course. The Christmas festival is renowned throughout the country and beyond and encompasses the whole of one of the biggest squares in the dead centre of the city. Some wonderful person thought it would be a good idea to get more use out of market so they have been running a huge wine festival in the same place just prior to the arrival of the Christmas vendors. Ahhh France!

There are plenty of outdoor activities available too, the most obvious of which would be the stunning forests and woods that encircle the city just waiting to be explored. The beach is still there and beautiful to take a stroll along with an added sense of peace as there are less tourists around this time.

Being a student city after the summer holidays the bars and clubs experience an injection of energy and the night life is just as vibrant. So if you are looking for beautiful scenery and a never ending list of things to do during your French language stay in south of France, the Easy French Immersion School in Montpellier can provide all of it all year round. It’s one of the things that make it the best place to learn French in France!