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Why Doing a French Immersion Course Is Great for Techies

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Why Doing a French Immersion Course Is Great for Techies

Since coming to Montpellier I have met several young ambitious technology lovers at the EasyFrench Language School. I have got to know one Columbian guy who is in my intensive French course for adults and he is always giving me tips and advice on websites, apps and other services I could make use of for my various projects. I don’t know how he stays up to date with it all but I am sure thankful to be able to utilise his knowledge. In one of our first French immersion classes together technology came up as a topic of debate and through a combination of what I learnt from the course content and from my friend’s insight it became clear that there is definitely a case for saying that France is a great place to be for technology at the moment. As you would imagine it also means that doing an intensive French immersion course is also a great way to get a step ahead for those who might be considering coming to surf on this exciting wave of possibility.

First and foremost is the government’s new(ish) position towards the technology sector. They have recently created a new visa that encourages the people from abroad involved in the industry to come to work in France or to base their companies in France. This official stance has very positive implications for people at every rung of the technology ladder. For those looking to get their start-ups going, France is now looking like a very attractive proposition and for those looking to invest the same is also true. The visa is a very comprehensive one and has a longer shelf-life than many other types and extends to immediate family as well. This official push for workers and growth in a certain area is a very good sign and it is safe to assume it won’t be the only legal mechanism in place to assist people with talent in the field. With some prior experience of the language, like that which is to be gained by doing an intensive French immersion course, assimilating into the country will be all the more easier and is sure to give would-be tech workers an edge. President Emmanuel Macron was the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs before taking the big job so it is clearly an area that he is experienced in and is likely to champion.

Studying or Working, Learning French in France Will Give You a Head Start

There are many tech companies already thriving here which I have heard a lot about since I have been learning French in Montpellier. The company Kelbillet was the first one I came into contact with as it was recommended to me by several students at the EasyFrench Immersion School. It’s an all-in-one travel search engine and really streamlines the process if you want to go and see any of the slightly more difficult to reach areas of France. As many of the students doing French immersion courses come here without cars it has become the first port of call for many of us if we want to go see some of the beautiful scenic countryside of the south of France. There are many fascinating, innovative and, most importantly, growing companies that need tech workers and those with a bit of French under their belt are even more desirable.

Working in tandem with that is the huge amount of investment going into technology now in France. Recently France has been a European leader for the number of deals for technology companies and the number of start-ups kicking things off in France is unprecedented. If you’re pre-higher education then France should be on your radar if you want to study in the field of technology. The official institutions they have here are renowned across the world but there are also very intriguing alternative forms available. Xavier Niel, a French billionaire and entrepreneur has created a non-profit programming school that has a very egalitarian air to it and is changing the face of technology education. It’s called École 42 and it’s well worth researching.

This combination of innovative companies, ground-breaking education methods and official encouragement means that France is prime ground now for anyone looking to get into the sector. It also means it is a great time for those interested in making the most of this technological Eden to embark on a French immersion course. A language stay in France will give you a better insight into the possibilities on offer for you here and better equip you to really capitalise on this potential. Learning French in France is so much fun and with the career prospects available to techies it is also a great investment in your future.