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How to Meet People During Your French Language Stay in Montpellier- Be Healthy!

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How to Meet People During Your French Language Stay in Montpellier- Be Healthy!

If you’re coming to learn French in France you are probably going to be looking to establish a network of locals. People who you can practice with, get advice from and with whom you can generally enjoy the amazing experience of a French immersion course. This is so easy in Montpellier; the best city a French language stay. Here are some options to give you a helping hand that you can combine with trying to be a bit healthier as well. Keep your ear close to the ground though because things are always changing and evolving. In this article I will focus on a couple of things you can do to meet people outside of the Easy French Immersion School to develop a strong, fun filled network of natives and other internationals within Montpellier; an awesome city to learn French in France.

Meet French Natives at Cooking Groups in Montpellier

The Easy French Immersion School itself offers a fantastic cookery course to its students so the simplest option available to you is to subscribe to that. You’ll meet tons of other students who share a passion for cooking and together you’ll really get a taste for an important aspect of French culture. Also as its run by the French language school itself it is the most convenient option.

There may be reasons however that make this the wrong option for you so there are some alternatives you can look into. Another simple way is to just look for cooking classes on google and you’ll find a variety of classes available at a variety of prices. If you aren’t wanting to pay for the classes though, which many students won’t be, there are some fantastic groups that are run in different formats. Some where you all bring the ingredients and then watch how they are cooked and help out a little. Others where you all cook a specific course beforehand (often they tell you what to cook so there is no pressure to decide) and then you all bring in your various dishes and combine them for a mega-feast buffet. These are my favourite types because the cooking is already done so you are free to chat to the other attendees which in principal is what you are there to do. There is a really good vegetarian themed group which meet every week and focus on a different type of cuisine each time. They did a fantastic vegetarian Christmas one recently and this week they are running a Chinese themed event. They speak English as well so you can choose if you want to practice what you’ve been learning on your French courses or with your host families or if you want to talk in English. I would recommend the former as always, you are here for a French immersion experience after all. I should note that you do not need to be a vegetarian to attend. Check it out, it’s great fun and an awesome way to meet people during your language stay in France.

Running groups: Meet Natives, Explore Montpellier, Practice French

Montpellier is a beautiful city. Often described as an open-air museum with its many monuments, rustic residential buildings and grand architecture. The architecture is one of the things that make Montpellier the best city to learn French in France. A brilliant way to explore the city is with a running group; you can feel safe with others, be around people who know the city, practice what you have learnt on your French course and most importantly meet new people!

Montpellier is home to loads of running groups that often centre around a theme. For example maybe a run around the monuments of the city centre is what you’re looking for? Perhaps some beach or country side running? Intense, relaxed, with music, with conversation……… heaps of options are available to you.

I have found a great group that do night runs; a bit in the city centre and a bit in the suburbs and through the greener areas. You have the choice of doing a relaxed 5km run or a slightly longer and more intense 7km one. The added security of running with a group is particularly important on night runs and it’s a great atmosphere. There is a nice mixture of locals and students and there is a blend of French and English being spoken so whatever you prefer. The group meet twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays so there is flexibility and no need to register. Just show up, meet new people, enjoy the French immersion and run!

I hope these couple of keep fit ways to meet new people whilst learning French in France are useful to you. I think they provide a great opportunity to create a circle of friends whilst never leaving the French immersion environment and you have a never ending chance to practice what you have learnt at the Easy French Language School.