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A Recharging Evening Before A Week at the Easy French Immersion School in Montpellier

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A Recharging Evening Before A Week at the Easy French Immersion School in Montpellier

It was Sunday evening and I had a busy weekend doing various things with my host family and finishing work from my intensive French course for adults and when I finished I reflected on the what I had done. I felt proud of what I’d managed to squeeze in; I had been talking French all weekend, got all of the work from my French lessons done, ran my errands, contacted my friends back home (this is something I’ve been particularly bad at since I started learning French in France) and managed to get to the gym twice. I felt good and wanted to treat myself, I thought it’d be a good idea to charge me up for the week at the Easy French Language School in France. I love cooking and I thought I’d try a new recipe and have a glass or two of wine with it.

One obstacle is that there aren’t many supermarkets open on Sunday in France let alone in the evening but I knew about a place that is open 24/7 that’s right near the residence for the Easy French Language School. So, I got my rucksack and headed off into the fresh evening air.

Friendly Musicians and Barmen of Montpellier

When I got to the store I saw that the bar next to it was pretty busy and when the door opened some very interesting music came bellowing out. The bar is called ‘La Pleine Lune’ and I know it well. Before I moved in with my host family I was living at the residence and used to go there often, maybe a bit too much! I thought I would poke my head in to have a look.

As I got inside the music got louder and louder, I knew it was a band of some sort but when I saw them on the stage I was surprised as there was about 8 members and the stage isn’t that big so they had done well to fit everyone on there. They were playing in a funky jazz style and it was SO good, just then I saw someone get up and go leaving their seat and table free so I seized the moment, got set up and got myself a pint of ‘blanche’. ‘Blanche’ by the way is an awesome type of beer that we don’t have much of in the UK and I love it!

The band were amazing and I remembered how much I’ve loved coming here since I started learning French in Montpellier. They do great music really most days of the week and they are open Sundays too:

Back to this band though and I was particularly enjoying the bassist, he was playing beautifully and also had a huge smile on his face which was infectious. To say he didn’t have much space he was certainly making the most of it; he was dancing more than most of the clientele. I managed to have a chat with him after they had finished and he was such a friendly guy. He spoke a little fast but it was a good challenge and I got to practice some of the things I had learnt that week on my French immersion course at the Easy French School. He made me a little sad though when he told me he had only been playing for two years as I have had a bass guitar for almost 6 years now and I’m not half as good has him.

Just as I was about to leave the barman called me over and gave me another pint on the house. I had been practicing my French with him a lot and we have become friendly so I enjoyed another drink and read my book for a bit. I left feeling very jolly, I hadn’t done what I had planned but I had managed to practice what I’d learnt on my French immersion course and listen to some good music. I achieved the main goal though as I felt ready for another week at the EasyFrench Immersion School in Montpellier.