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A Watchdog Show to Help You With Your French Studies

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A Watchdog Show to Help You With Your French Studies

Today was another interesting day on my intensive French language course for adults at the EasyFrench Immersion School in France. We had some pretty easy grammar in the morning which was relaxing. I like the challenge of the more complicated subjects and they normally dramatically increase your agility but I’ve found during my time learning French in France that slightly easier subjects increase my confidence too so a mixture of the two is ideal. The afternoon session is what I would like to talk about though as during the oral comprehension section we learnt about a great TV series.

I love topical news shows, I think they’re important and although not always easy to watch always interesting and add to my understanding of the world around me. Since I have been learning French in France I have been trying to watch and listen to francophone productions which has meant these sorts of shows have been a bit beyond my grasp. Also, I had no idea what the shows of this type were in France. The answer came today though in the form of Cash Investigation. In our intensive French course for adults, we watched a short clip taken from the show as part of a listening exercise and then we debated the topic and the show itself and it is just the kind of show I’m into. I was a huge fan of the Panorama series back in the UK which has unearthed some of the biggest scandals on the most important subjects and this seems to be the French version. I was so excited to find something I could watch to help me with my listening skills whilst learning French as well enlighten me on topical issues. Although it is still not the easiest to follow it was a great feeling to know I’m within reach of being able to watch and listen to things that really interest me. I have a feeling that once I reach that stage I will be past the point of no return and can achieve my goal of fluency.

Hard Hitting Journalism That Will Help You With Your DALF Preparation

Cash Investigation is an investigative news show that reports on governmental, financial and business topics. Now before your eyes roll over, even if this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing it involves companies that we all use daily and the things they report on will be discussed around the dinner tables of many of the locals you’re likely to meet whilst you are here learning French in Montpellier. Additionally, the production is fantastic and really makes things interesting and simple. They really delve into the scandal and controversy that permeates French culture from the board rooms in the sky-rise buildings of Paris down through the production line and into the products that we all buy constantly.

The series has been running since 2012 and has produced several award-winning series and they have been noted for their investigations and their ethics. The show originally faced cancellation after the first series but the devout viewers organised an online petition and had the show reinstated. They came back to new-found popularity and critical acclaim and continued that way for another few seasons. They produced an online documentary on companies that sell security systems to dictatorships around the world which solidified their spot in the realm of cyberspace.

The show’s primary host is Élise Lucet who well known in France and she takes no prisoners in her interviews and has made many a CEO squirm in their seat. Many of the episodes are available on YouTube or right here:

Get stuck in and get informed on what’s going in the country while you are learning French in France. You will have more to contribute in the topical debates you have on your intensive French immersion course and if you are doing the DALF exam preparation course in France you are bound to hear about things that come up in that.