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Excursion to Aigues-Mortes in the Camargue

Excursion to Aigues-Mortes in the Camargue

Come and visit “Aigues-Mortes” with our French language school in Montpellier. It is the perfect opportunity to learn French whilst also getting to see historic sites during your language study stay in France.

Plunge yourself right into the heart of history and French culture by discovering the very picturesque region of the “Petite Camargue”. Just under half an hour from the centre of Montpellier and the EasyFrench language school, lies the small medieval city “Aigues-Mortes” and the “Salins du Midi”. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhône delta, the Camargue has a very specific wild life. Famous for its bulls, small white horses, pink flamingos and its rice fields, You will really feel as though you have changed country when you come to this part of France. You will have the opportunity to practice French in lovely scenery, unique in France and even in the world.

You will leave our French school in groups accompanied by a teacher on a private bus which will take you from Montpellier to “Aigues-Mortes”. The city has been known since the middle ages, it was the first French port of the Mediterranean Sea before Marseille. This is where many crusades set off under the reign of Louis IX also called St. Louis, founder of the city.

Come and learn French in Montpellier and take part in cultural activities; you will get to meet some interesting people and visit some of the most emblematic sites in the South of France, such as the “Camargue Gardoise”.

Once there, you can visit the 1,600-meter city walls, where you will be able to get the best view of the city. You will get to go into the Constance, 33-meter-high tower that served as the first lighthouse, then barracks, and finally as a prison. The Templars first, then the protestants spent many years behind its 6-meter-thick walls.

Just behind the town, you will see the hills of salt, which are part of the “Salins du Midi”. you can go on a visit of this site in a small train. They are among the largest salt marshes in France and even in Europe. Their development goes back to the Romans and since 1995 they have been listed in the General cultural heritage inventory.

Finally, don’t forget to do some shopping before the end of your trip. As you venture down the narrow streets of the town, you will come across some of the Southern French specialities that will make great gifts for your friends and your family. Taste the wine “des sables” (sand), from ancestral vineyards. Treat yourself to a “fougasse” from Aigues-Mortes as a snack, a sort of sweet brioche flavoured with “fleur d’oranger” (orange blossom) and filled with “fleur de sel” flavoured with herbs…

Thanks to your language immersion in the South of France, you will be able to learn French whilst also getting to visit all the beautiful places in the Camargue, taste the culinary specialities and admire exceptional landscapes. You will meet new friends from around the world who will be with you as you try out the French language and discover all the beauties of French culture.

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