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Excursion to the Camargue

Excursion to the Camargue

During your language immersion in Montpellier, go off and get to see one of the most picturesque areas in the South of the France: “the Camargue”!

Thanks to the sightseeing tours organized by our French school, you will get to know the region of Montpellier as well as its inhabitants know it. Don’t miss this sightseeing tour for a full day out in “the Camargue” where you will be able to practice your French language skills, taste the local specialities and admire typical wildlife. This area which is a part of the Rhône delta is just as fascinating for its history and its monuments as it is for its large natural spaces where bulls, horses and of course pink flamingos can roam freely!

The first part of your cultural tour will be to the fortified city of “Aigues-Mortes”. This medieval town is equal distance from Nimes and Montpellier. It was developed under the command of St Louis as a trading port and starting point for the Crusades.

Protected by its high walls and the impressive Tower of Constance which was lighthouse and prison firstly for the Templars and later for the protestants; the city has hardly even changed over the centuries… Streets in grid form, arranged around the St. Louis square in the town centre, are full of little folkloric shops and arts and crafts boutiques that you will have time to explore during your free time with other international students from the EasyFrench school.

Enjoy practising your French and get to discover the sumptuous landscapes of the South of France. “The Camargue” has a lot to offer and you will not regret participating in the cultural activities organized by our French language school. You will leave this visit with your head full of wonderful memories!!

This day out excursion offered by your French school will then take you off in the direction of ‘Saintes Maries de la Mer’. This picturesque little village, capital of the Camargue, is well known for its relics belonging to various saints. Mary Jacobe and Marie Salomé, as well as their servant, Sainte Sara kept in the crypt of the strange fortress Church. There are processions organized to celebrate the lives of theses saints several times a year. One of the largest and most popular is the one that attracts thousands of people to travel, in late May to worship Saint Sarah.

During this exceptional visit, you can also choose to go on a horse ride in this environment classified as part of the UNESCO biosphere. In this setting that is unique in its kind, you can ride typical white Camargue horses used in the ‘manade’ ranches and for various regional sports games in the South of the France.

When you come on this tour organized by our EasyFrench school, you will get to practise your French language skills and discover the incomparable landscapes of the South of the France. You can be sure your language travel to France will leave you with unforgettable memories!

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