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Flaugergues Château – Montpellier

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Flaugergues Château - Montpellier

In the late XVIIth century, Montpellier‘s prospering elite began to build elaborate manors in the countryside surrounding the city. Established among the leaves in wooded gardens, these magnificent properties became known as “folies”, after the French word “feuille” for leaf.

Flaugergues Château is Montpellier’s most original Montpellier folie with its main facade and two lateral pavilions overlooking a tiered garden lined with vineyards !

This splendid 18th century château owned by the Count and Countess Henri de Colbert, was enlarged and embellished between 1696 and 1730 by Etienne de Flaugergues, a councillor at the Montpellier court of auditors. One third of the château is taken up by a staircase of rare elegance that has a unique design (with a hanging keystone and no pillars over three floors). It has important 18th century furniture, five 17th century Flemish tapestries (Life of Moses), a collection of high-quality porcelain and earthenware, various documents relating to the history of Montpellier (court of auditors) that have been archived since the 18th century.

Our students spent a lovely afternoon visiting the château and tasting its wine !