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Why Learn French in France? Reasons for Taking a Language Immersion Course

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Why Learn French in France? Reasons for Taking a Language Immersion Course

If you are considering learning another language and have some curiosity about learning French in France you are probably curious as to what benefits taking on this challenge will give you. The answer is lots of them! Learning any other language is a brilliant thing that will give you things you can anticipate but will always bring joy that you are not expecting too; maybe you’ll find the love of your life in France or discover a passion for a local specialty or a form of art that you had never given much thought until now. Learning French in France or another French speaking country is widely held to be the most efficient way to progress. If you are serious about getting to grips with it than doing a French language stay like the ones offered by the EasyFrench Immersion School in Montpellier should definitely be high on your list as a way of achieving that. Here I would like to discuss a couple aspects that make learning French such a brilliant thing to do for yourself.

See the world through the eyes of other cultures. Although this could be applied to learning any language it’s still worth highlighting for French. With the widespread dispersion of French on the internet being able to engage with this content will give you an alternative view into international issues and a chance to really see another outlook of the world. The French media available provides very intellectual analysis on every subject and a focus on issues that might never have even crossed your mind. For example the French relationship with its old colonies has had an impact on the dynamics of immigration over the decades much as Britain has experienced with Jamaica or India but France has a similar situation with French Polynesia or North Africa.

So it’s not just the French perspective that becomes available to you. With command of the French language you gain access to countries all over the world. The range of different cultures in these countries is broad too; Morocco, Tahiti or Quebec in Canada for example share the language but are so different in other ways. The ability to communicate with people in these places and absorb their media will provide a bounty of interesting new perspectives on the world.

French obviously isn’t the only language that is spoken in many countries. What is a huge benefit to learning French is that the network of countries that speak it stretches throughout the world. Learning this one language connects you to a huge scope of culture which you can learn about not only easily but in depth if you can speak French. Live the island life in French Polynesia, easily navigate a huge part of Africa and communicate with multiple European countries in the west. 5 continents and over 220 million people use the language and you will be able to communicate with them in their own language.

This brings me on nicely to the next point that your job prospects will be dramatically opened up by taking a French immersion stay. French companies instantly become available to you and as you can speak English as well this will make you very attractive to prospective employers. This is also true of everywhere we just discussed as well. A few places of note are the banking heartland of Switzerland where you can make a pretty penny or two. Also the huge amount of investment pouring in parts of Africa at the moment means that you can be part of some truly amazing projects. The only limit is your imagination…….you could always island hop in French Polynesia working in random places and live life free in the sun!
These are just a couple of perspectives of many others that make learning French such a wonderful thing to do. If any of that sounds appealing to you you should really consider coming to do an French immersion course for adults like the ones offered by the EasyFrench Immersion School in Montpellier. You won’t regret it.