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Activities Not To Be Missed While Learning French in Montpellier

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Activities Not To Be Missed While Learning French in Montpellier

So you arrived in Montpellier for your French Immersion Course! Well done you have made a great decision to enrich your life and you are going to have so much fun in the process. You are probably curious about this place that is going to be your home whilst you are here learning French, if so a great way to get a feel for the area is to take one of the great tours available. They come in all shapes and sizes and also double as a great way to meet new people.

Tour the City Where You Will Be Learning French

The first thing you are probably going to want to do is get a feel for the city streets which are the home of the Easy French Language School and there is certainly a lot to see. The first thing to consider is that the school itself runs a walking tour virtually every Monday where one of the lovely teachers will take you around some of the best known sites. This is a great way to discover the city whilst getting to know some of your classmates and teachers in the process. So I strongly recommend this.

There is always more to learn and see though so combining this with some of the other tours available will really get you in tune with the geography, history and culture of the city. A company that was created recently offers a free walking tour around some of the key sites as well. The tour guide Titus is a very talented guide with a lot of insight and he makes it extremely fun at the same time and also will give you plenty of suggestions for what to see next or where you can go shopping or get a good beer etc. You get an in depth tour for 2 hours and it’s all for free!

If you don’t mind putting a bit of money into your tour you can do a cuisine and drink themed tour that is incredible! You will be able to stroll down the southern French streets of Montpellier and see all the historic buildings but also sample some of the culinary delights the city has to offer. There will be pastries, cheese, wine, sausage and loads of other treats. The great thing though is that you get to know the people behind everything and you get a feel for this network are hard-working natives behind the scenes.

Bike tours offer different advantages as you can see more of the city in the same period and get a blend of urban and countryside sights. There are several companies offering this and you can tailor your tour to suit you and your interests. If you have an interest in urban art for example your ride can include stops at some of the many wall murals that are scaterred throughout your home for your French language stay. On the other hand if you just want a general tour that is no problem either and you can get a balanced mix and can experience the fun, free feeling of a bike tour. You can choose to include a few stops at wine bars and cheese shops as well and the start point is flexible so you can make it work for you. The companies offer their own bikes as well and Montpellier is very flat so you don’t need to be a sporty type to enjoy it.

So there are a few ways to get your bearings in this city you will be calling home for your French language stay. It’s a great way to start off but there is always more to learn so even if you have been at the Easy French Language School for a while you can get still get a lot out of them.