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French Private Lessons in Montpellier
General French

French Private Lessons in Montpellier

Come and study French in France and improve fast at an unbeatable price. Experience an unforgettable language stay and make wonderful friends.

Our Private French lessons will allow you to achieve your personal and specific objectives. With 20 French lessons per week minimum, you will enjoy tailor-made classes that will meet all your expectations and help you advance at your own pace with fast improvement. You will even have time left over to visit the South of France.

  • Course start Every Monday
  • Number of students 1
  • Number of lessons 20, 30 or 40
  • Minutes per lesson 45
  • Duration As of 1 week
  • Levels All levels
  • Level test Yes, online
  • Timetable Depends on number of lessons
  • Ages 16 +

French Private Lessons description

Our French Private lessons for teenagers are the ideal way to learn the language if you have a very specific aim to reach. You will have 20, 25, 30 or 40 French lessons per week, you will get to progress at your own pace and your course will be tailored to suit your specific needs. You will have lessons on an individual basis with a very attentive French teacher who will help you learn and make fast progress. You will be put into a class according to your French level, from beginner A1 to experienced C2. We will get you to sit a placement test beforehand to make sure you are put into the right class.

Come to Montpellier to see our EasyFrench language school! Sign up for high-quality French courses for an unbeatable price!

Our French Teachers are rigorous and very friendly. They promise you dynamic and fun courses that make you even more motivated to learn French. They will always be at your side to answer your questions, reassure you and guide you throughout your French course in France. With Easy French, learning French in France is just a piece of cake!

With a French Teacher ready to help you, you will be able to work at your own pace and enjoy studying what you need to achieve your goals. You get real personal help that will make learning French easier at top speed!

Learn French outside of the lessons

Learning and practising French during your Private Lessons for teens is really worthwhile and thanks to Easy French you will even get to practice outside of the classroom once the lessons are over. Our French school offers many activities to discover France from every angle together with our motivated and enthusiastic teachers.

For food lovers, EasyFrench offers wine-tasting workshops, cheeses and pastries or evenings out at the restaurant to try delicious French cuisine. Are you a curious person? Then why don’t you join our amazing trips when we go off to enjoy the beauties of the South of France. A busy summer language stay that promises to leave you with great memories!

Ideally located in the historic heart of Montpellier, in an attractive neighbourhood, our French school is close to cafés, restaurants and small shops. You can continue to speak French outside the classroom. There is nothing like being immersed in the French environment and talking with the locals to make progress fast.

Easy French is a great French language school that gives you the opportunity to discover France, its language and culture, in total immersion. Experience an amazing experience and have a special French language course in the South of France with the chance to make wonderful friends.


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The staff are amazing! Warm and friendly, but also extremely efficient. EasyFrench is deeply educational…

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Great classes, great teachers, great organisation, very good stay! Thank you!

Read more Eleanor (United states)
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9,3/10 based on 265 customer reviews

Our activities

At Easy French in Montpellier studying French means also learning about French culture. You will learn a lot of French outside the classroom and have a lot of fun. That's why we offer a wide range of exciting excursions, delicious tastings and great parties all year round. In this way you not only discover the treasures of France, but also you will enjoy your time in Montpellier and get to know during your French language stay in France many other Easy French students.